Gaming Trend Podcast 10//10//2013 — Four Crude Dudes

13482501This week the Gaming Trend Podcast is joined by a first-timer: Spencer Campbell! Spencer joins Matt, David, and Atlas in talking about Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy VI, Mighty No. 9’s inevitable awesomeness, and a whole lot more! If you’re a bad enough dude, send us an email at [email protected]–you might win a nice prize! You can also leave a comment below, or subscribe to our feed on iTunes!

[00:00]: What We’re Playing
[21:45]: Steam Machine discussion
[26:25]: The Wolf Among Us releases this Friday!
[28:48]: GOG’s government shutdown promotion is awesome
[31:15]: Mighty No. 9 at nearly four million on Kickstarter
[32:55]: Star Wars: The Old Republic has PvP now. So…
[35:50]: Battlefield 4 Beta discussion
[38:50]: Gabriel Knight remake announced
[41:50]: Final Fantasy VI coming to iOS and Android
[48:53]: Foxconn using forced, unpaid student labor to make PS4s

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Podcast produced by Atlas Burke. All music from Mega Man 2.


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