Narco Road madness: Let’s Play Episode #10

Last week, editor Zach Faber helped me take down DJ Perico, Santa Blanca’s eccentric radio personality, from the vanilla version of Ghost Recon: Wildlands. In order to mark today’s release of the Narco Road DLC for non-season’s pass holders, editor-in-chief Ron Burke and editor Zach Faber join me in Bolivia once again. This time, however, we’re trying to infiltrate the cartel.

While the story of Wildlands was mostly serious and rather grim, Narco Road instead rewards you for doing the wildest, craziest shit you can think of with monster trucks, nitrous boosts, and ridiculous missions.

Wild and ridiculous seemed to fit the three of us just fine.


Two hours of Narco Road DLC - GT Let's Play Episode #10 [Gaming Trend]

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