Mike finally plays Overwatch – Let’s Play Episode #16

Many of the editors here at Gaming Trend are avid Overwatch players and they’ve been telling me to hurry-the-hell-up and try it out for months now. I managed to hold out for about a year, but I finally succumbed to the pressure.

So, in this week’s episode, you’ll get to witness my very first matches (I didn’t even play the tutorial) in Blizzard’s overwhelmingly popular multiplayer shooter. Thanks to a great team and some solid healing and patient coaching from news editor Joe DeClara, I managed to do surprisingly well.

How do you think I did? Would you be my wing man? Check it out and let us know what you think.

A proud Seattleite, recent expat, and wannabe novelist, Mike loves to travel, to eat, to drink, and to play video games...excessively. If you don't think tattoos, scotch, soccer and 80's synth go together, think again.

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