Monitor murderers and thieves in our live, early look at Prison Architect: PS4 Edition [Stream has ended]

Building prisons is surprisingly fun and addictive is something that I learned when playing Prison Architect the first time around.  Now that the game is soon to arrive on the PlayStation 4, will it retain all of the same charm and depth of play?  Let’s find out together in our Prison Architect: PlayStation 4 Edition live stream, starting today at 2:15 PM PST.

From the most minor of petty criminals up to the truly psychotic and dangerous, Prison Architect tasks the player with building a series of cages, feed shacks, bath chambers, and execution houses for use by the uncivilized and condemned.  Prison Architect is coming to PlayStation 4 on June 28th.  Stay tuned here at Gaming Trend for more on Prison Architect, and check out the live stream available below.

Update (4:28 PM PST):  I have ended the stream for today, but it may become active again tomorrow.  Thanks to all those who watched.  You can view the video from the live stream below.

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