Your first look at Zombies in Modern Warfare III — Straight from Call of Duty: NEXT

If you’re a fan of Call of Duty, you’re probably a fan of Zombies. I’ll admit, it’s not been a mode I’ve played a lot, but Treyarch’s passion during Black Ops Cold War got me to jump in more often. I remember Outbreak being one of my favorite new modes in Zombies, and Treyarch’s take on the mode in Modern Warfare III seems to be taking cues from it, Warzone, and DMZ. Check out all of the details below, straight from COD: NEXT.

Special guests Kevin Drew and Miles Leslie of Treyarch joined the presenters at Call of Duty: Next to reveal Modern Warfare III’s third game mode: Zombies.

For the first time in franchise history, the beloved Zombies game mode will be fully featured in the Modern Warfare universe! In this iteration, teams of players will cooperate in an open-world, pure player-versus-environment (PvE) setting featuring multiple squads who can work together (or go their own way) when facing down multiple threats, masses of the shambling undead, and clandestine enemy forces in an increasingly terrifying series of hostile environments!

In this extraction-based mode, beware of the expanding Aether Storm which will consume the map as the match progresses. Work together, move fast, and dig deeper into the Dark Aether narrative.

For New and Veteran Slayers Alike

For new players, there’s never been a better time to become a Zombies fan. With vehicle support to navigate the map more quickly, more enemy density than ever before, and multiple squads working together toward a common objective — to contain and prevent the outbreak from spreading — there’s plenty to look forward to as a fresh player, including a series of rewards and upgrades specific to this mode.

Returning fans will feel right at home with core Zombies features, including the escalating tension as the match progresses, as well as classic features like Pack-A-Punch, Perk Colas, the Mystery Box and Wonder Weapon. And, perhaps most important of all, there are new secrets to discover . . . which you’ll have to find on your own.

Replayability: In the extraction-based gameplay featured in this iteration, players will be able to store and use weapons they’ve successfully exfilled within their future matches, including fan favorites like the Ray Gun. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to start future matches with these classic weapons!

Throughout the map, players will additionally find blueprints that allow them to create acquisitions outside of the match, providing benefits like starting a deployment with Juggernog.

Enemies, Both Living and Undead

Zombies features much greater enemy density this time around, and it’s not just the undead you’ll be fighting. Battle against mercenary soldiers working for the Terminus Outcomes PMC hired by the main antagonist Viktor Zakhaev. In addition to a variety of undead and otherworldly creatures, prepare to face one of the biggest Zombies creatures to ever appear in the mode.

For more on the Zombies narrative, see our article on Operation Deadbolt.

Follow along and watch the event online – with a chance to earn in-game rewards for tuning in.

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