Here’s what Warzone looks like on Urzikstan in Modern Warfare III — Straight from Call of Duty: NEXT

One of the biggest things people wondered about today with Call of Duty: NEXT: What does Warzone look like? It’s a fair question, with so many wishing for advanced movement and other features to return. Wonder no more, with the full intel drop coming in. Many of the creators are saying this is “everything they’ve wanted”, so maybe it’s time to get hyped. Check out all of the details below and on the Call of Duty blog.

Senior Creative Director Ted Timmins of Raven Software joined the desk to discuss the next chapter of Call of Duty: Warzone. Players will descend on Urzikstan, a brand-new big map where the Middle East meets Eastern Europe, designed with 11 memorable main points of interest alongside many other smaller areas.

The main points of interest to visit in Urzikstan are as follows:

  • Levin Resort
  • Popov Power
  • Zaravan City
  • Shahin Manor
  • Low Town
  • Orlov Military Base
  • Hadiqa Farms
  • Zaravan Suburbs
  • Old Town
  • Seaport District
  • Urzikstan Cargo

To situate yourself in this new and nostalgic map, which is also the main theater of operations in Modern Warfare Zombies, be sure to consult our Urzikstan Tac-Map POI Overview!

Movement and Combat Changes

As with Modern Warfare III’s Multiplayer, Call of Duty: Warzone will also feature changes to movement and combat mechanics, compared to the current iteration of Warzone:

  • Cancel a slide by jumping or crouching again. This does not reset the Tactical Sprint. Operators begin sliding more quickly, slide farther, and can shoot in Tac-Stance while sliding. You can also ADS while sliding. The speed penalty for successive slides has also been decreased.
  • Jump higher, faster, and ADS while jumping more quickly. Reduced slowdown when landing from a jump and reduced sprint-out delay after jumping.
  • Toggle on Tac-Stance for a hybrid of hip-firing and ADS, granting faster strafe and movement speed with a penalty to accuracy.
  • Use the ‘Stim’ Tactical item to give yourself a short movement speed increase to help evade an encounter.

Call of Duty: Warzone Operatorshave a base health of 150, allowing players to react and reposition during skirmishes.

UI Updates

A new chapter of Warzone represents an opportunity for the return of some of the most-loved User Interface updates that Warzone has had over the years.

Classic Mini-Map: The classic minimap that includes red dots will return, offering similar intel to the one available in Multiplayer, giving players something new to consider when building their Loadout with suppressors.

Weapon and Loot Rarity: To help players loot up in the heat of combat, weapon and loot rarity has returned – including a unique colour for ‘Custom Weapons’.

Dedicated Ammo Slots: Players will now be able to carry each ammo type in dedicated inventory slots, and can still use the Backpack to carry more in excess if they wish.

Quality of Life Updates

It wouldn’t be a new chapter of Warzone without a suite of improvements to the core gameplay, and importantly this upcoming year will carry forward ALL the current Quality of Life updates to Warzone.

Gas Mask Animation: The Gas Mask is now automatically worn when equipped into your Loadout. It can be manually unequipped and stowed away in the Backpack or dropped in moments when battling in the closing gas.

Dedicated Pistol Sidearm: In certain situations, such as swimming and climbing ladders, the player will now always equip a dedicated pistol sidearm to be able to engage in armed combat to keep fights fair and balanced at all times.

Updated Contracts: Contracts are now easier to find in the world thanks to a new Laptop item, combined with all new rewards and smaller Quality of Life improvements to each Contract type.

Improved Circle Pacing

The density of Urzikstan warranted a need to revisit the pacing and sizing of the gas circles, so with the upcoming Warzone experience you can expect a faster-paced Battle Royale to get to the action sooner.

New Features

Modern Warfare III Equipment: To celebrate the new experience, Call of Duty: Warzone will come complete with a spread of new Lethals, Tacticals, Field Upgrades and Killstreaks cherry-picked from Modern Warfare III.

Horizontal Ziplines: In addition to the vertical ziplines Operators can use to reach the top of buildings or other high objects (known as “ascenders”), new horizontal ziplines are also featured in the map. Cross to adjacent buildings more quickly or reposition from a disadvantageous situation with this new way to traverse the structures across Urzikstan.

Drivable Train: The train is now controllable for the first time; Operators can make the Train travel forwards, backwards, or stop the Train outright. This “moveable” POI will have a Buy Station and UAV Tower, as well as a handbrake in the rear carriage (known as the “Caboose”!) giving it the potential of being a core aspect of a player’s strategy throughout the match – especially if the circle closes on it…

New Champions Quest: While saving the details for the community to discover on their own, a new Champions Quest is confirmed for Urzikstan as an in-season update, a highly challenging but rewarding task reserved for the most elite squads.

Warzone-Exclusive Perks: The new chapter will come with Perks that are only in Warzone and have been built and balanced for the Warzone experience;

  • Shrouded: Drops a Smoke Grenade automatically when downed.
  • Combat Scout: Pings an enemy when they are hit with a bullet.
  • Irradiated: Move faster and take less damage when in the Gas.
  • Resolute: Increases movement speed when damaged.

The Return of the “Big Game Bounty” Contract: A fan-favorite Contract from the past returns, where the player with the most eliminations in the match is marked and the reward is an Advanced UAV – a potential game changer.

The Gulag

The Gulag was a breakthrough feature for Call of Duty: Warzone, allowing players the opportunity to test their skills and get the chance to return to the match. New Gulag features include:

Ascender Overtime Finisher: Replacing the overtime flag capture is an exfil Ascender positioned in the middle of the map. Be careful: The enemy Operator can fire at you as you’re zipping up for the exfil!

Gulag Public Event: Public Events may also occur within the Gulag, such as Cash Grab (more money on the floor) and Locked & Loaded Weapons (AMG + SMG loadout with full armor), helping the victor by bringing back some much-needed items into the match.

NVG Gulag: As an in-season update,the Gulag will occasionally go dark, equipping Operators with night-vision goggles for a fun new twist on the Gulag experience.

Call of Duty: Warzone Launch Content

While Urzikstan represents a brand-new map for Call of Duty: Warzone, the game will also support Vondel and Ashika Island in the following Playlists:

  • Battle Royale (Urzikstan, Vondel)
  • Resurgence (Vondel, Ashika Island)
  • Plunder (Urzikstan)

In a special announcement, in partnership with our friends at High Moon Studios and Beenox respectively – we are also excited to announce the return of Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island in 2024, with more details to come next year.

Follow along and watch the event online – with a chance to earn in-game rewards for tuning in.

Stay tuned to GamingTrend for more Call of Duty: Warzone news and info!

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