You’ll float too! Free Luigi’s Balloon World update now available for Super Mario Odyssey

With the only warning being a vague February release from the last Nintendo Direct, Nintendo sneakily released the update to Super Mario Odyssey that contains the Luigi’s Balloon World, a new minigame accessible after the main game is completed.

In Luigi’s Balloon World, players can either hide a balloon for other players to find, or try to find a balloon as quickly as possible. For finding the balloon quickly or successfully hiding a balloon, players can earn coins.

In addition to this new minigame, Super Mario Odyssey received an update that included three new outfits: Musician Hat & Outfit based on the Super Mario Players band, Sunshine Shades & Outfit based on Mario’s Hawaiian shirt in Super Mario Sunshine, and Knight Helmet & Armor. This update also includes two new filters for photomode: the coin filter and neon filter.

This free update for Super Mario Odyssey is available now. Curious to see our thoughts on the hit 3D platformer? Check out our review here.

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