Waka your way through neon corridors, Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus now available on Nintendo Switch

The exciting pixelated neon joy of Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus is now available on Nintendo Switch and will allow a Co-op mode for the first time.

In Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus, players play classic-inspired Pac-Man through neon stages and 3D graphics in fun, bite-sized modes like Score Attack, or through a longer session like in Adventure mode. Players can even find themselves at the top of the leaderboards.

The PAC-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION 2 PLUS 2P mode gives players an opportunity to team up and play on a single Nintendo Switch, with each player controlling their PAC-MAN character on a single Joy-Con™. When one player gets caught by a ghost, the other player can come to the rescue. Players can also work together and use special co-op maneuvers to weave through the mazes and chomp their way to exciting boss battles.

Originally released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2016, Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus builds on the gameplay of the first game, which was a much faster and hectic take on the Pac-Man series.

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus is now available with a two-player mode exclusive for Nintendo Switch for $19.99. For more information on the Switch version of this title, visit the official website.

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