Xbox Music Pricing Leaked

At E3, Microsoft announced a new service called Xbox Music, one that would supplant Zune Marketplace as a hub for all things digital music on both Xbox and Windows platforms (since, you know, no one has a Zune any more). While details of what the service actually gets you have been sketchy, signs point to it being a Spotify-esque platform, a sort of all-you-can-eat buffet of MP3s. Even though we don’t know all the details, the pricing system has been leaked, revealing how much you’ll pay for this mysterious service:

  • 30 Day Music Pass Trial – $0.00
  • 14 Day free trial – $0.00
  • 1 Month Music Pass – $9.99
  • 12 Month Music Pass (Best Value) – $99.90

While we don’t know what labels and musicians will be available on Xbox Music, this appears to be in line with what the Zune Marketplace used to offer. Other rumored features include as “scan-and-match” service, which will allow you to stream high quality versions of songs you already own. Will this be enough for Microsoft to compete with the likes of Spotify,, or Pandora, or do they have a few more tricks up their sleeves? We’ll update you as we find out more.

Source: WMPoweruser

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