Wrecking the new generation, Concept Destruction to be released on Xbox Series X launch

Are you ready for the Xbox Series X? Ratalaika Games announced that the destruction racing game Concept Destruction will be available for the console’s launch on November 10. For those that bought the Xbox One version, it will be available for free via the Smart Delivery feature.

Concept Destruction is all about driving miniature cars made of cardboard, and crashing them into each other to earn points by destroying them!

Pick from several different modes that suits your playstyle. Pick championship mode if you want to fight your way through mass production or choose survival mode to see how long you can survive a wave of deadly cardboard automobiles!

Unlock new cars with points earned by playing. Each car has a unique driving style that could turn the tide of battle!

Already released on Xbox One ‘Concept Deconstruction’ has been improved for Xbox Series X with a bunch of enhancements that will make it worth re-playing for lovers of car-driving games!

The game has been improved from 1920×1080 resolution and 30 FPS to 4K and 60 FPS.

Also besides just graphical improvements, due to the astonishing power of next-generation consoles, we were able to increase the enemy AI from 15 to 50! The new total amount of AIs makes for way more fun combats and a lot of extra craziness.

The update will be delivered on November 10th as the console is released and it will be FREE! If you already purchased the Xbox One version the Smart Delivery feature will be enabled allowing you to download Series X enhancement free of charge.

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