World of Warships Video Dev Diary #3: Aircraft Carriers

The team at Wargaming have unleashed their third Dev Diary in the series, this one focused on one of the most flexible and unique weapons in World of Warships – the Aircraft Carrier.  We’ve gotten two good looks at the game so far, once at E3 and once at Pax where we got hands-on.  Here’s a nibble from that time with the game:

The lesson I took from my short hands-on with the game is that, despite the slow-paced gameplay, combat is not boring in Warships. There’s quite a bit to pay attention to, and since timing plays such a critical role in maneuvering and shooting, you’re constantly challenged to think ahead and anticipate your next move. Do I want to flank the enemy or attack head-on? Should I go around this land mass and surprise them from behind? All viable options that require careful consideration based on the particular situation.

If you feel like you didn’t click with World of Warplanes, you’ll see that a great deal of fan feedback from that product and World of Tanks has gone into the development of World of Warships.   Stay tuned as our coverage continues as we sail towards the closed beta next year.

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