World of Warplanes soars into the wild blue yonder

The team at Wargaming have been taking their time to ensure that World of Warplanes is awesome the second it hits full release. Well, that time is upon us – today World of Warplanes takes flight. The Free-to-Play MMO has evolved significantly over the last few months of Beta, and we will be taking a close look at it in the very near future. Here’s a bit more about the launch from the team at Wargaming:

The release of World of Warplanes marks a great moment for Wargaming, and we are extremely excited to offer players the next great chapter in our gaming universe,” said Victor Kislyi, CEO of Wargaming. “Just as we did for World of Tanks, we’ll continue to grow and evolve World of Warplanes with new content, nations, aircraft and game modes to keep our players fully engaged and always eager to take to the skies.

Over 4.5 million players have taken part in the game’s beta testing phase, providing the developers with invaluable feedback and input to help shape the title into the premier free-to-play aviation combat game. World of Warplanes is becoming part of the universe, sharing a number of features with World of Tanks, including the launch of the Unified Premium Account system, which will allow players to share premium status benefits between the two titles.

If you played in the beta all of your progress will reset, but you’ll be keeping all of your participation ribbons and medals and any pre-purchased plane packages.

The game is LIVE as of right now, and it’s Free-to-Play, so why not check out why a game that wasn’t even in release has already attracted so many players.  If you’d like to jump in for a live Q&A with the team, they are also running a Twitch livestream tomorrow at 3pm PDT at

Stay tuned for our review very soon.

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