World War 2 turn-based tactical RPG Warsaw announced, coming to Steam later this year

Indie game studio Pixelated Milk recently announced Warsaw, a turn-based tactical RPG taking place during World War 2. Warsaw will highlight Poland’s historic 1944 uprising against the Nazi forces that have taken control of the titular European capital city.

Developed by the talented team at Pixelated Milk, alongside efforts from publisher gaming company over the past 15 months, WARSAW brings to light Poland’s historic 1944 uprising providing an immersive experience of tactical urban warfare. Setting the tone of love, friendship, loyalty, and the invariable struggle against overwhelming odds the haunting teaser trailer, created by animation studio Human Ark with a song performed by acclaimed Polish singer, Brodka is a chilling early look at what’s in store for WARSAW.

Warsaw will feature a mix of tactical RPG and strategy elements including team and equipment management and a combat system that has players take advantage of cover, flanking strategies, and positioning. Players can also leave their hideout to collect resources and explore a fully realized city.

Warsaw is expected to be released in Q3 of 2019 on PC via Steam. For more information, visit the Steam page.

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