World of Tanks to introduce radical graphic upgrade

World of Tanks will be seeing significant future updates, including a bump in visuals according to the second Dev Diary. Currently the tank models are comprised of 8000-16000 polygons. Now, is building highly detailed models and using normal mapping to bring down the poly-count from in the millions to a range of 50,000-100,000. They’re also introducing texturing to provide realistic wear and tear on their hundreds of tank models.

While we’re not that superficial here, we certainly can appreciate the significant bump in visual fidelity – and any new-comer to World Of Tanks will get the feel of the game being modern rather than something that has been out for more than three years. If you haven’t given it a try, you can head over to their site and download the game for free. No word yet on whether these changes will be seen on the Xbox 360 version that was just launched this year.

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