World of Warplanes – Flight School #5 tries to keep us in the sky

The team at Wargaming are taking us back to school today with their fifth trip to flight school for World of Warplanes.   This class goes over five of the aircraft in the game, looking at how veterans and rookie pilots alike could use the durability, firepower, maneuverability, airspeed, and more to keep their plane in the skies against dangerous foes.  Having spent some time in the cockpit of each tier of aircraft and several variants on each countries side I can tell you that there are no two planes alike in World of Warplanes.    You can check out my review of the game right here.

World of Warplanes is free-to-play and is available for PC.   (And I suspect we’ll see an announcement for a next-gen platform or two at E3, but that’s just me speculating)


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