World of Speed adds the McLaren F1 to its garage

Near where I work in Scottsdale Arizona there is a McLaren store.  I see absolutely gorgeous McLarens zipping around while I dream of a world where I could afford one.  Well, until that happens I’ll have to enjoy it in the upcoming game from Slightly Mad Studios, World of Speed.   We’ve got a trailer showing off the 240-degree-capable McLaren F1 in the game, and just in time to get ready for the upcoming closed beta.  Before you zip off to sign up for the beta, check out what Lucious had to say about the game at E3.

I actually got a chance to run a couple of laps against another press member during my time with, where they set us up in nearly identical versions of a Mitsubishi Lancer. The vehicles pearl white paint and aggressive panels were all lovingly rendered, and as the race started I was surprised by the response and arcade  maneuverability of the car after a day trying my hand against the less forgiving simulator-like racers at the Expo. After our one lap match was complete, the rep changed the two of us over to a pair of nearly identical looking, but rally spec machines to challenge the course and compare results. The difference was phenomenal, resulting in a much more intense and paint-swapping competition, leaving me excited for another go but also, sadly, out of my allotted time for the meeting.


World of Speed, a free-to-play racer from, is slated to race across the finish line for PC after the Q4 beta.




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