Wonder Wickets putt-putts to Steam tomorrow, online modes to be fully released later

If you were waiting for the indie golfing game Wonder Wickets, RightStick Studios has announced that it will be released tomorrow on Steam for PC and Mac. While the game will be fully playable in its local player modes, the online capabilities are currently in beta and will be fully released at a later date.

An official statement from RightStick Studios reads as follows:

That’s right! We’re finally releasing (for real this time)!!

Plenty of people have told us we should push the game out with single/local content and update it later with Online, but we really wanted to push a finished product. However, with half a year gone by, Christmas Season rolling in, and everyone getting anxious, we’ve decided to launch Wonder Wickets on October 17th with Online mode still in beta. You will be able to enjoy the full Single and Local game, but Online will be limited to 2 game modes. We will finish them up soon. This also means that that Online may still be a little buggy, please understand online is a difficult thing and we are trying hard to give you a full experience soon.

Deep in the heart of the cosmos, champions from every corner of the galaxy gather… for a game of minigolf! Eons ago, it was but a simple sport of stick and rock played in a backwater asteroid belt, but as the years went by, the game was squished, squashed, stretched, squeezed, and set on fire until it became the game known across the galaxy as… Wonder Wickets! Some play for leisure and others play for honor, but most just play as an excuse to travel the stars! What sort of wacky competitors will you meet?

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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