This isn’t a song of joy, it’s an Ode to a Moon for PC

Today, Colorfiction announced that it will bring its next game, Ode to a Moon, to PC, Mac, and Linux in the near future. The game oozes a horrific feel without the reliance of jump scares or violence.

As a photo-journalist for a popular tabloid, you’re tasked with covering a historic fall festival in a far away rural town during a centennial lunar eclipse. Camera in hand you set off to that romantic hamlet only to discover the macabre fallout of a town’s descent into madness.

Ode to a Moon is a first person horror game that does not rely on jump scares or enacted violence but rather submerges you in an incredibly oppressive atmosphere and environment to overcome. You will explore the nostalgic suburbia of New England, its primeval misty forests and mountains, abandoned farmlands riddled with undulating ancient rock walls, the extravagant ruined castles and mills of long forgotten industrialists, neglected shopping centers and so much more! Ode to a Moon was inspired by actual events and the general belief that Truth is oftentimes stranger than Fiction.

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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