Walking Dead S2E2 trailer comes with music


Today we have a new trailer for The Walking Dead, Season Two, “A House Divided”, but that’s not all – the team at Telltale Games have also released the music that plays as the credits for this episode.  Composed internally by long-time Telltale composer Jared Emerson-Johnson, with vocals supplied by Janel Drewis (a Telltale animator), the song is haunting and does a fantastic job of fitting the current setting of this season.  If you like the track, you can also pick up other tracks from Anadel on

All of this comes in advance of the full soundtrack release that will likely drop when the season is complete.  Given that Season One was our Game of the Year, you can bet we are very excited to see where things go.  Drop over and check out the music for yourself.

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