Uplay’s $1 Sale Begins

Today marks the start of Ubisoft’s weekend-long sale event, with a new selection of games hitting discounts of 70% or more every day.  Not enough to rustle your interest?  Well then, Moneybags, what if I told you that each day will also have the publisher giving away another of their hit games for a single dollar?

According to the Uplay Event page, the $1 offers will occur as follows:

  • August 16 – H.A.W.X. 2
  • August 17 – From Dust
  • August 18 – Silent Hunter 5
  • August 19 – Driver: San Francisco

Participation requires installation of the Uplay program, a digital delivery client with a browser plugin you might want to turn off for peace of mind, but my personal experience with the service has been impeccable since the company’s switch to a new server facility.  And frankly, there’s a lot of solid gaming there for a buck each!

The full sale schedule, including deep discounts on the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Heroes VI, Settlers 7 and Shaun White Skateboarding, can be found right here thanks to our friends at Cheap Ass Gamer.

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