Two lovers, a fire divides their people – Fire Tonight out now on Switch, PC and Mac

Fire Tonight, a narrative-focused puzzle game from developer Reptoid Games and publisher Way Down Deep is now available for purchase on Switch, PC, and Mac.

Sporting an aesthetic dripping in 90s nostalgia, Fire Tonight sees couple Maya and Devin fighting to find each other while their town is engulfed in flames.

In the midst of a raging inferno, love finds a way and continues to bloom between Maya and Devin. With a passion that burns brighter than the flames surrounding them, Maya makes her way through the blaze to reunite with Devin who awaits her in an apartment full of memories.
Devin eases his anxieties by listening to mixtapes and distracting himself with memory-soaked mementos reflecting on their relationship. Maya roller skates through the metropolis avoiding the heat and police patrols by taking adventurous routes over rooftops and alleyways teeming with puzzles blocking her path. Nothing can extinguish the spark between these two.

Fire Tonight is available for $5.99 on all of the platforms mentioned above.

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