Two card games hit Kickstarter

Card games can be a great gateway to get others to play games.  Playing games with cards at a table seems to be less intimidating than having a large board spread out with a large number of components.  Two very different games are available on Kickstarter now that implement cards in very different ways.

First we have Rampunctious, a card game for those who like to make puns…or maybe dad jokes:

Rampunctious is the game of terrible puns. It’s for 4 or more players and whoever makes the best, most or worst puns wins.

It’s creative and wordy with a splash of improv shaken up with endless pun-tential for fun. A game lasts from 30 minutes to a whole night, depending on how much pun-ishment you and your friends can take.

Secondly we have 5ive: King’s Court, a set-building game.

A game where alliances are useless, and compassion is for the weak. Complete your King’s Court and assume dominion over your gaming table!

5ive is a set-building game where the very nature of gameplay interferes with your competitors plans, forces evolving strategy, and choices on every turn can change the outcome!

In the King’s Court, your role is to play actions that result in each of the members of your court (The King, Queen, Knight, Bishop and Rook) being in play. Each member of the court must complete a specific action before being added to the court, and multiples of any member can be added for security.

The game takes just a few minutes to learn, and a round takes from 10 to 20 minutes to play.

Be sure to check out both campaigns.  5ive: King’s Court is already funded, and Rampunctious is nearly funded.  Both run about $20, which isn’t too bad for a card game.

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