Turing Machine by Scorpion Masqué comes to the masses in Quarter 4 2022


The Quebecois publisher Scorpion Masqué (Zombie Kidz Evolution, Decrypto, Stay Cool, Master Word …) presents Turing Machine, a fascinating and competitive deduction game by Yoann Levet and Fabien Gridel, two huge fans of logic games. This game offers a unique experience of questioning a protocomputer that works without electricity or any sort of technology, which paves the way for a new generation of deduction games.

The Goal? Find the secret code before the other players, by cleverly questioning the machine. With Turing Machine, you’ll use an analog computer with unusual components made of perforated cards.

Turing Machine solidifies Scorpion Masqué’s expertise in the deduction genre, 4 years after the hugely successful release of Decrypto, with over 300,000 copies sold across more than 45 countries.

According to Christian Lemay, founder of Scorpion Masqué, “Turing Machine instantly hooked me. First, with its unique material and original theme. It’s almost like magic! But beyond this technological prowess is a real deduction game that provides a unique challenge for all lovers of logic games: there are more than 7 million problems to solve! Rarely does a game require us to work so hard to make it accessible, but I couldn’t be prouder of the final product.”
Get ready for an intense brain burner.

Turing Machine is a game by Yoann Levet and Fabien Gridel, published by Scorpion Masqué and distributed by Hachette Boardgames in the United States.
It will be available in stores in Q4 2022 or $39.99 USD and plays with 1 to 4 players, ages 14 and up. A game plays in about 20 minutes.

Where to find Turing Machine before the release?
• Online pre-orders will be opening on Amazon later this summer. More info to come!
• Gen Con, USA (August 4-7): play and buy at the Scorpion Masqué space in the Hachette Boardgames booth #2109
• Essen Spiel, Germany (October 6-9): play and buy at the Scorpion Masqué space in the Hachette Boardgames booth, with special appearances by the designer

You can pre-order Turing Machine on Amazon now!

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