Tropico 4 get some “Voodoo” DLC


Everyone’s favorite dictatorship simulator is receiving some nice DLC! Launching today, Kalypso Media has unveiled their new DLC pack for Tropico 4 entitled “Voodoo.” The Tropico series has always been one that features an odd sense of humor and I’m sure “Voodoo” will be no different. It’s nice to see Kalypso further supporting Tropico, a series beloved by many.

Aptly titled “Voodoo”, the new DLC pack adds a Voodoo Curse mission, along with fun extras like the Voodoo Priest avatar costume, a new character trait and a new building, all designed to help El Presidente alleviate an evil curse placed on him by a Soviet sorceress. Can you, as El Prez, put together everything you need to save the day, while attracting tourists to the new Voodoo Manor building?

Along with its release, Kalypso handed out some nice screenshots which can all be found below. You can purchase the Voodoo DLC as I type this on both Xbox Live and PC for the low price of $4.99.


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