Trine 2 Environments Trailer

Trine 2 is a gorgeous game in which a high fantasy knight, rogue, and wizard pool their unique talents to overcome devious environmental obstacles and defeat monstrous enemies.  It’s important to point all that out because, if you were unfortunate enough to have missed out on its predecessor, the following teaser would only have clued you in to one of those features.  Which one?  You’ll just have to see for yourself….

Spoiler: it’s the “gorgeous” part.  The lush, almost storybook presentation does look phenomenal, but if you visit to see the graphics, you’ll want to stay for the game play.  The three characters possess significantly different abilities, and figuring out how to combine their strengths in each challenge makes for a fantastic co-op experience.

Check back for more information about Trine 2 as its XBLA, PSN, and PC release date approaches later this year.

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