Traumatize your inner child in The InnerFriend, announced today

Today PLAYMIND announced the third-person psychological horror adventure The InnerFriend.  Relying on abstract visual design to echo childhood fears, The InnerFriend promises to take the player on a Jungian journey of self-discovery to explore child psychology and coping mechanisms.

The InnerFriend will play with abstract representations of childhood traumas.  Following a mysterious character known as Shadow, the player will have to journey into the psyche of a child to reconstruct “The Bedroom” as a protective safe haven.  As the player descends deeper into the unconscious of a child’s mind, the grotesque imaginings there fight the player to defend their existence.

“The idea for The InnerFriend has been in my head for decades now so I’m thrilled to see it finally coming to life,” said Emmanuel Sévigny, founder of PLAYMIND. “Although we’ve all had very different pasts and childhoods, our experiences — particularly our fears and nightmares — are actually quite similar in a way. I’m eager to see how The InnerFriend will resonate with people from different backgrounds once they finally get a chance to check out the game for themselves.”

As PLAYMIND’s first game designed for console/PC release, The InnerFriend represents a new direction for the Montreal-based developer, which had previously focused on mobile games and interactive art installations.  PLAYMIND also developed several trailers for Ubisoft, including such titles as The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, Watch_Dogs, and Child of Light. The InnerFriend is scheduled for release in September 2018.

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