Trash talk and drop the beat with Slam Fighter II on PC

Recently released last month, indie studio Team Dogpit released its rhythm fighting game Slam Fighter II for PC and Mac via Steam. The game features a mix of rhythm mechanics as players fight each other with the power of words and disses, and is currently discounted on this winter’s Steam Sale.

In this rhythm/fighting game, The Philosopher’s Burn, the most legendary put down in history, is the prize as the world’s best trash talkers face off in the diss battle of the millennium! This affectionate parody of early 90s arcade fighters challenges the player to type real insults to the beat of a pulsing EDM soundtrack in order to defeat their opponents.

Slam Fighter II features a fully voice-acted roster of six different characters, each of whom has hundreds of unique lines. Players can battle their way through single-player arcade mode to shoot for a high score or they can grab a friend for local multiplayer, either by sharing the same keyboard hotseat style or by plugging in a second USB keyboard, which is recognized by the game as a distinct controller. The game matches input against a dictionary of possible insults and rewards players for thinking of sick burns on the fly.

Spit some fire and view the trailer above, and check out the official site for more details. Stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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