Trains and Stations coming from WizKids!

Trains and Stations Box

While WizKids is mostly known for their “Clix” properties, they do have a couple Star Trek games and the awesome Quarriors.  Recently that they are moving in a completely new direction.  They are making a train game with deliveries and other strategies.  Welcome to the world of Trains and Stations.

NECA/WizKids, the leader in collectible gaming, is proud to announce the launch of Trains and Stations a new take on train games designed by Eric M. Lang. Players must make deliveries, develop buildings and profit from their decisions while working with and against other players. Are you going to focus on mines or play a more balanced resource-acquiring game?

Perhaps you will focus on being the delivery king with help from other players and only dabble in the resources that everyone else is scrambling for. Every game will evolve differently with unique twists and turns.

From what I have seen, there are a lot of cards, tokens, and dice included.  I’m really curious to see how these will all come into play, but knowing the track record of WizKids, I’m sure it will turn out to be a good game.

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