Together again on console, Biped heads to PS4 today

NExT Studios and META Publishing recently announced that it has released its co-op platformer Biped for PlayStation 4 today. The game will allow players to work together to move around and navigate through a beautiful yet dangerous world.

Biped is a friendly physics-based journey where players control their cute robot protagonists, Aku and Sila, as they go on a quest to keep the Earth from going dark. The players will navigate by controlling the robot’s legs with Biped’s elegant and unique controls. They can walk, slide, and operate puzzles by moving their robot’s legs individually. Teamwork will be essential to progress as you coordinate to explore the world, avoid traps, and even fling your friend to scale walls!

“We’re very proud of the enthusiastic response we’ve received from co-op gamers around the world since the PC launch. We can’t wait to help bring Playstation fans closer together with our game, too. Both this version and the Switch release coming later this year have been built from the ground up for their respective platforms as well. They will feature the same smooth performance and controls with optimizations tailored to their hardware.” says Illya Salamatov, CEO of Meta publishing.

Check out Ron’s review of the PC version, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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