Time to use your head, little buddy, in Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual! launching today

The latest game starring the Freelance Police is launching today on Oculus Quest devices!

Even multimedia evil-slappers like Sam & Max could use a hand, and this time they’re using the incomprehensible magic of virtual reality to invite the player into their off-kilter world for a furious day of monster-slaying, obstacle courses, responsibly discharged firearms, and, of course, saving the entire freaking world. Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual! mixes puzzles and escape rooms with challenges of skill and classic point-and-click adventure sure to put even the heartiest Freelance Police cadet through their paces.

HappyGiant has ensured the pair is in good hands with an all-star team of Sam & Max veterans including the characters’ creator, Steve Purcell, renowned concept artist Peter Chan, writer and designer Mike Stemmle, and music composer Jared Emerson-Johnson who wrote an original soundtrack for the game. David Nowlin and Dave Boat are returning to voice Sam & Max. In addition, Steve Purcell also performed as a character in the game, a first for the series.

The game will become available at 1 PM EST today through the Oculus storefront at a price of $29.99. This Time It’s Virtual will come to other storefronts, like Steam and Viveport Infinity, later this year with a PSVR launch set for 2022. For more on Sam & Max, stay tuned to Gaming Trend.

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