Three hotties will serve you as My Butler heads to Nintendo Switch today

Today, D3 Publisher announced that the otome visual novel My Butler is now available on Nintendo Switch. The game will allow you to live your dreams as you can select three good-looking guys to follow in a story about love as a celebrity.

One day, your aunt, who runs an entertainment agency, asks you a part-time job. The job is simple but astonishing! “You need to spend 3 months as a celebrity”! 3 famous entertainers, an actor, an idol, and a model, were selected as the butlers for your celebrity life.

Even though the life with them seems to be very sweet at first, each one of them had serious problems!

*Nintendo Switch version will be the international version of “My Butler” released earlier on Steam. Even though some contents are a bit modified, there are no major changes made in the game such as the event CG and storyline.

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