This Week at Bungie reveals upcoming economy changes and Trials of Osiris updates

In today’s TWAB, Bungie discusses the ongoing Guardian Games, upcoming Strand Aspects, and even teased Season 21’s Season of the Deep. Bungie’s full TWAB can be found here, and for a roundup of the highlights check down below:

  • Guardian Games and Guardian Games Cup are live!
  • Season of the Deep first look:
    • Key art and launch date/time reveal
    • Details on our three new Strand Aspects, one for each class
    • Recapping big changes coming with abilities
    • New Exotic armor focusing and stat roll details
    • Upcoming economy and crafting updates
    • A note on upcoming Season Passes
  • Trials of Osiris updates
    • Sneak peek at new rewards and weapon changes
    • Learnings from Trials Labs
    • Updated Trials intro quest
    • Changes to Passages of Wealth and Mercy
    • Dominion as the new core mode
    • Flawless gilding update
    • New emblem reward
    • Trials Map voting results
  • New Prime Gaming gear


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