Premium DLC and a free major update announced for Suzerain

Political RPG Suzerain will be adding the 2.0 “Amendment” update and Kingdom of Rizia DLC later this year. It was announced today by developer Torpor Games in a blog post detailing more info. Check it out:

The Torpor Games team has spent the past year improving and adding new content to Suzerain, and they are excited to continue supporting the game with future updates and content. The 2.0 “Amendment” update offers players an even more immersive gameplay experience with new features including:
–World map integration and new interactions.
–More story content around the constitutional amendment, Bludish rights, and the former Presidents.
–2.0 introduces Torpor Mode, which allows manual saving for new games after completing the game once – the single most requested feature from players.
–and much more to be revealed at the release

“We are thrilled to announce the Suzerain 2.0 “Amendment” update,” says Ata Sergey Nowak. “It is a major overhaul that improves every game aspect with new features, content, and audiovisual enhancements. The update also includes many bug fixes, further balancing, writing improvements, and more.”

The Kingdom of Rizia premium DLC takes players on a new journey, four years before the events of the main game, to explore the unique geopolitical and internal challenges faced by King Romus Toras of Rizia. In this premium extension of Suzerain, players will encounter new challenges, meet with new characters, and shape the future of the Kingdom. The DLC marks a new chapter in the Suzerain Universe and promises a unique and captivating experience with a fresh narrative perspective of a Monarch.
–Experience rulership of a monarchy from the perspective of King Romus Toras of Rizia.
–Tackle many geopolitical challenges and shape the future of the region by negotiating with neighboring nations.
–Navigate an intricate web of political and personal relationships with the royal houses, councilors, country leaders, and others.
–Experience the trials and tribulations of being part of a royal family, including the Queen-Mother Estela Toras, your daughter Princess Vina Toras, and your uncle Grand Vizier Hugo Toras.
–Discover the past and present of the Kingdom of Rizia, expanding the lore of the Suzerain Universe.

The Kingdom of Rizia DLC will release on PC later this year after the release of the 2.0 “Amendment” update.

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