The Strange Brigade expands with new character, maps, and DLC roadmap

Today, the Strange Brigade has discovered some new levels, another map, and a brand new hero to recruit. The three levels for Score Attack and one map for Horde mode are free, while the newest hero comes in the Texas Cowboy Character Pack for $6.99.

The Score Attack mode allows exploration of additional Harbin’s Dig Path, Hidden Valley, and Tunnels of Wadjet levels, while Horde modes gets a brand new location dubbed Palace. Patrick “Bash” Conaghan is an ex-rodeo rider who loves danger and gold, and wields the Wrath of Quetzalcoatl amulet.

Rebellion have released a ruddy exciting road-map for the game’s upcoming content, showcasing the substantial supplements players can look forward to in the upcoming months, including the three-part THRICE DAMNED CAMPAIGN! 

For season pass owners, Patrick Conaghan is available today, with The Thrice Damned 1 campaign mission and American Aviatrix Character Expansion Pack coming in early October, The Thrice Damned 2 campaign mission and Japanese Naval Officer Character Expansion Pack arriving in late October, and The Thrice Damned 3 campaign mission and Maharani Huntress Character Expansion Pack dropping in November.

In addition to season pass updates, there are plenty of free updates planned as well. The previously mentioned levels and map came out today, while Stone Church II, Cursed Village II and Tunnels come out in early October, Cut-Throat Caverns II, Forsaken City II, and Chamber arrive late October, and Great Pyramid II, Afterlife II, and Void drop in November.

If you’ve picked up Strange Brigade and are looking for more content to keep the fun rolling, then get ready for the next few months of updates. Stay tuned for more news here at Gaming Trend.


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