Exorder will be journeying to the Nintendo Switch later this month

Fat Dog Games and Solid9 Studio have announced that Exorder will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch on September 27th. Exorder is currently out on PC, and its current price will be lowered to $12.99 upon the Switch version’s release to match the Switch version’s price.

Fight to defend the kingdom as Princess Beyla, along with the help of various battle units. Each unit has their own stats to choose from and skills to use. Skirmishes promote strategic planning in order to gain an advantage over your foes and achieve victory. One wrong move can be the difference between a stunning victory or a crushing defeat.

Exorder is a bright, colorful adventure with cheerful music and a delightful cast of characters that drive Cerulean’s fantastical, all-ages tale. The sights and sounds of this troubled kingdom charm for hours in both an easy to pick up single-player campaign and challenging multiplayer showdowns.

In addition to the single player campaign, Exorder also offers local and online multiplayer. You can take on friends near and far in strategic gameplay, with up to four players fighting for supremacy. PC gamers won’t be left out, as crossplay will allow players from both platforms to wage war against one another. If you’re interested in Exorder, feel free to check it out on PC now, or head to the Nintendo eShop on September 27th. Make sure to check out the trailer above and stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more gaming news.

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