The Sims 4: Island Living Expansion gives us a taste of paradise

At EA’s E3 conference, rumors were put to rest with the official announcement of the latest expansion for The Sims 4, titled Island Living, which arrives on PC and Mac on June 21st, with a console release slated for July 16th. The expansion takes place on the serene island of Sulani, where your sims can take a relaxing vacation away from their tumultuous city life.

Sims can be seen keeping the beaches clean, making exotic drinks and partying up a storm, playing fun water sports, and just plain relaxing in the sun. The island is defined as a unique paradise full of cultural traditions to appreciate including folklore, unique garments, and tasty foods. But the island’s special qualities don’t end there, the island is also home to a variety of island Spirits whose interactions with the players will depend on how they’ve been treating the island—so clean up after yourself! The biggest surprise of all: mermaids join the sims cast. Players can create their own mermaids and connect with the ocean life.

Additionally, The Sims 4 revealed a new partnership with the It Gets Better Project, a non-profit organization working on empowering LGBTQ+ youth. On June 18th, It Gets Better-related apparel will be available in-game for your sims (for The Sims 4, The Sims Freeplay, and The Sims Mobile), this on top of gender-neutral bathrooms and several other items for The Sims 4. Like with the expansion, the fruits of this collaboration will arrive on PC and Mac first, and in July for consoles. Another collaboration with Moschino will also bring a heap of new outfits for your sims to wear as well as the new fashion photographer part-time job. More info on the Realm of Magic pack has also been promised later this year.

Stay tuned for more on the upcoming expansion and game packs here on Gaming Trend. Until then, you can watch the entire The Sims 4 stream here:

The Sims 4: EA PLAY Stream 2019



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