The Shapeshifter 2, a new original Game Boy game, announces Kickstarter and hints at a unique, soon to be patented mechanic

GreenBoy Games, best known for continuing to create and release brand new, original, Game Boy games, has announced a sequel to their acclaimed game The Shapeshifter. The Shapeshifter 2 will feature the use of 2 cartridges and a yet-to-be-announced new mechanic which is currently in the process of being patented. I was always a huge fan of the Game Boy and personally I can’t wait to see what GreenBoy Games comes up with!

GreenBoy Games, a studio specialized in developing games for Game Boy, has started the process to register a patent for an original mechanic for their upcoming release The Shapeshifter 2.

What’s surprising about this patent is that it can only be applied on games for Game Boy which try to replicate this mechanic – which we can’t unveil at the moment.

The new game, The Shapeshifter 2, will be funded on Kickstarter running from October 1st for 30 days and can also be acquired from our official site. You can see from the preview page on Kickstarter that 2 cartridges will be needed to play the game.

Let’s remember that GreenBoy Games has developed the first and only game for Game Boy with wheel codes and the new The Shapeshifter 2, apart from including the wheel codes, will contain an innovative mechanic that will be unveiled soon.

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more info on The Shapeshifter 2 and other GreenBoy Game releases!

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