The past is back and better than ever in the new Legendary Edition of Curse of Strahd

Beadle & Grimm are excited to bring their first legendary edition to the Pandemonium Warehouse with their newest offering for Curse of Strahd. While Beadle & Grimm have provided Platinum editions for recent releases, they have now decided to dive back into the past and provide that same quality and more to these adventures that haven’t received the same treatment yet. The Legendary Edition will be available this November.

Much to our continuing bemusement, it turns out that Wizards of the Coast was making adventures long before we were there to make Platinum Editions out of them. This may seem like an oversight on their part, and indeed we’ve argued that point long into the night with certain members* of that fabled and otherwise infallible company. But lacking the magic or inclination to travel backwards in time**, we’ve devised a way to bring the Wizards of the Coast back catalog, bit by bit, piece by screaming piece, into our clutches. This is our first Legendary Edition. There will be others

It’s a classic, and we have every word of it in this box. What we’ve done to make it a little easier to run is break up the adventure into smaller books that make it easier to navigate this pocket universe. And we add pre-build PCs and bonus encounters, because there’s no such thing thing as too much of a good thing.

So many maps. How many maps? How about the whole damn castle? 17 battle maps that cover every brick, every cobweb of the castle.

And since you feel drawn to him, you must go. It’s the whole damn castle! The whole damn thing! DAMN! Which the baron is, of course, but deciding which square to occupy and how to line up that last desperate shot, will decide whether you join him or send him to the damnation that surely awaits.

There are many ways this could go. Not all of them are happy. Measure twice, a wise man said, and fireball once.

With all of the great upgrades this is one you don’t want to miss. Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for all your tabletop news.

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