The Pale Beyond drops anchor for Nintendo Switch on October 6

Initially launching in February, Fellow Traveller and Bellular Games are setting sail on a new voyage with bringing The Pale Beyond to Nintendo Switch. As a newly appointed Captain in the middle of a rescue mission, players will battle the ice and more. Nintendo announced a 30% launch discount until October 20th with the Switch version including contents updates that’ve been added. In our review, we scored it 90 out of 100 saying, “The Pale Beyond is a masterclass in tone and atmosphere informing gameplay. As Captain Robin Shaw, you’ll need to make tough decisions constantly, but this stressful journey is well worth seeing through to the end.”

In The Pale Beyond, players are put into the shoes of a sailor signing up for a rescue mission aboard The Temperance. They set sail to find the crew of The Viscount, but become stuck in the ice just before their Captain goes missing. Being voted in as Captain by the crew is just the beginning of this perilous journey: all souls aboard must make a dangerous trek across an inhospitable frozen wasteland. Players must manage meager resources, balance safety and morale, and make hard calls because survival will mean little in the face of mutiny.

To celebrate the game’s release on Nintendo Switch, players can pick up the game on the Nintendo Store for a 30% discount until October 20th. The Nintendo Switch version also includes all the content updates to date, such as the recently released epilogues that follow fans’ favorite characters after they return home from their dangerous journey – if they return home.

To find out more information on The Pale Beyond coming to Nintendo Switch as it drops, visit Bellular Studios website or Twitter, BellularGaming on YouTube, or Fellow Traveller on Twitter and Discord.

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