PAYDAY 3 introduces heisters Pearl & Joy in newest trailer

Two new characters are joining the main roster for the upcoming PAYDAY 3. Joy and Pearl will be teaming up alongside Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf, and Chains to offer 6 different heisters to choose from. Additionally, Starbreeze revealed what players can expect post-launch with a Year One Roadmap. Check it out:

Pearl and Joy will join the original gang of clown-masked criminals (Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf, and Chains) for a total of six heisters available when PAYDAY 3 launches this month.

Pearl is an expert con artist and infiltrator who is as comfortable running scams on the street as she is rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. She leaves nothing to chance, and it’s a rare occasion when things don’t go her way. Make no mistake though, she plans for every contingency, even the rare occasions where she has to pull out her own weapons.

Joy is a genius hacker and security expert who is now an official part of the crew. As a merciless heister, Joy is a dangerous combination of strength and subterfuge. With no respect for the law and a twisted sense of humor, Joy is a wildcard character who ends up being an ace during any heist.

High-level post-launch plan:

–DLC 1 – Syntax Error set for Winter 2023

–DLC 2 – Boys in Blue is set to release in Spring 2024

–DLC 3 – The Land of the Free will release in Summer 2024

–DLC 4 – Fear and Greed set for Fall 2024

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