The next generation of PlayStation brings two systems at launch

Today Sony has finally revealed the design of their much anticipated PlayStation 5 system. This white beauty stays more in line with what the prior consoles have looked like and boasts a vertical stand for those who want to keep it vertical. White is definitely in with this new console as it provides a stark difference from the prior three consoles that started as all black. The controller and accessories also match and keep with this aesthetic.

One surprise announcement that came with today’s reveal was that there would be two different versions available at launch. One version will come with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and the other will be a Digital Edition that won’t contain a disc drive at all. The gameplay and experience will be the same and so people can decide which version will work best for them. Both version will be available when the system launches this holiday season.

Sony also announced many exciting games to help fill up the catalog for release, so stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more information on these and all your gaming news.

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