The line between light and dark – Savathun revealed in latest Destiny 2: The Witch Queen teaser

On August 23, a day before Bungie’s Destiny Showcase, Destiny 2 posted a teaser for the coming event that officially revealed the character design for the highly-anticipated antagonist, Savathun.

Savathun is a Hive goddess, sister to the deceased Taken King, Oryx, and she has been tightening her grip around the city for the past year or so of Destiny content. In the latest few seasons, Savathun has orchestrated the Vex to plunge the city into an endless night, she has taken control of a city dweller (who many believe to be Osiris), and she has sown mistrust between various members of the Last City’s leadership.

All this to say, Savathun is shaping up to be one of the best characters the world of Destiny has ever seen. Up until now, we have only heard mentions of her throughout the lore and the story.  This video gives us our first glimpse of her and her surroundings which may be a new patrol zone or raid location in the upcoming expansion.

This reveal seems to confirm a leaked low-resolution image that made its rounds on social media a few weeks ago. That image had some frightening implications about what may be coming, but I will not spoil those here for those who were not exposed to it.

The seasons in the past year since Beyond Light’s launch have all served to build Savathun’s character, so it is extremely exciting to see if Bungie can execute on the massive amount of hype surrounding this iconic character.

Within hours of Bungie posting the teaser to their socials, Savathun began trending on Twitter, not even a week after TWAB (This week at Bungie) was trending on August 19.

The Destiny Showcase starts at 9am Pacific Time on August 24, so be sure to tune in if you are interested.

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Noah Anzaldua is a game journalist, Twitch streamer, and a passionate fan of Apex Legends and Destiny 2. Writing and streaming are his passions, and he is carving a career path out for himself. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama where he is majored in News Media, History, and Political Science.

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