The latest installment in the Beholder franchise has been announced, Beholder: Conductor

The latest installment of the popular Beholder franchise was just revealed, and will be a spin-off. Beholder: Conductor has players take the reins of a conductor appointed by the Ministry to run the Determination Bringer train. Throughout the game you will monitor passengers, report incidents, and carry out Ministry assignments. You can check out the reveal trailer above and read below for more details:

February 21st, 2024 – Alawar is excited to announce Beholder: Conductor, the next game in their successful Beholder franchise, with a teaser trailer and some information about what fans can expect in this series spin-off. Become a conductor of the Determination Bringer train: monitor passengers, report incidents, and carry out important Ministry assignments — whose level of secrecy depends only on your loyalty. And remember: mission success is critical to you!

Beholder: Conductor is a strategic, choice-based political sim, much like its predecessors. While it’s not directly related to the story in previous games, players can expect similar gameplay that has made the franchise popular! Make difficult decisions determining the fate of passengers and your colleagues – walk over their heads up the career ladder or go all the way with crystal-clean karma. What kind of person will you be at the end of the journey? The choice is yours!

About Beholder: Conductor

The Ministry has appointed you as a conductor on the Determination Bringer. Welcome aboard the legendary train, which all the citizens of our vast country are happy to see in their cities. Your responsibilities are maintaining order in the carriage assigned to you and assisting passengers along the way. Your tools are reporting, intimidation, searches, and ejection. Remember: the conductor is always right.

Gameplay Features:

  • Monitor the Passengers – Carefully monitor everyone who enters the carriage and decide what to do with fare-evaders. They can either be dropped off, handed over to the peacekeepers, or you can turn a blind eye to their violation for a bribe or out of the kindness of your heart. You will have to deal with different passengers. Observe and report all suspicious, unauthorized, and basically any activity. Search the baggage and call the police if you find prohibited items. Or take emergency measures yourself – the conductor has many illegal powers, so use them wisely. It’s up to you to decide what to do.
  • Move Up the Train – Gain access to the dining car or VIP compartments and carriages where high-ranking officials and big industrialists ride. There are rumors that in their cabins, they often do truly disgusting things, but they are also willing to pay substantial money for silence. Do not forget to keep an eye on your colleagues and report their accepting bribes or transporting banned goods. The Ministry will not let your dedication go unnoticed.
  • Complete Secret Missions – Earn the trust of higher-ups in order to receive special assignments. Their level of secrecy will depend on your loyalty, and completion will be rewarded with a bonus or even a promotion. You will also encounter smugglers — transporting their packages along the route is risky, but profitable.

More information about Beholder: Conductor will be shared soon! In the meantime, fans are encouraged to add it to their Steam wishlist and stay up to date by visiting the Alawar website, following on X/Twitter, or joining the Alawar Discord.

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