The Internet shows its love for Celeste with fan art

Celeste is a brutally difficult 2D platformer which balances out its challenging gameplay with a heartwarming story of overcoming the struggles of mental illness and self-doubt, and the internet has quickly fallen in love with its quaint cast of characters.

You play as Madeline, a conflicted redhead on her spiritual journey to reach the summit of Celeste Mountain, joined intermittently by Theo, a twenty-something heartthrob with a positive go-getter attitude and a passion for selfies and his “InstaPix” account. Madeline’s journey is regularly impeded by her gothic doppelgänger, an embodied reflection of her undesired attributes aptly named “Part of Me.” This trio has captured the hearts of many artists, resulting in a wonderful deluge of fan art.

Some even went outside the realms of illustration to show their appreciation for the game.

If you’d like to see more fan art for Celeste, check out the game’s official Twitter page.



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