Say “Goodnight!” to Kirby Battle Royale’s second copy ability poll winner, Sleep

Approaching the North American launch of Kirby Battle Royale, Nintendo did a second poll for fans to choose which ability will be added to the game, similar to how the poll’s first winner, Mirror Ability, was added. This time, the winner was the infamous Sleep Ability.

I totally voted for Yo-Yo, but this is fine too.

With the Sleep Ability, Kirby appears to have the ability to nap to regain help by remaining idle, blow bubbles to attack enemies, swing a pillow around, or smack foes with a night cap to give them a luxurious first-class ticket aboard the snooze cruise.

Ever since the first Kirby game to feature copy abilities, Kirby’s Adventure, Sleep has been an ability that ultimately punished a player by leaving them immobilized for a few seconds before Kirby wakes up from his nap and continues his journey. The only case where Sleep wasn’t a useless ability was in Kirby Squeak Squad where a player can find an ability scroll that allows them to heal 25% of their health while asleep.

In Kirby Battle Royale, the Sleep ability will finally have its chance to shine in battle. This ability is expected to be released on February 2nd, 2018. Curious on our thoughts on Kirby Battle Royale? Check out our review.

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