The heir to throne of Rizia arrives in the long awaited DLC for Suzerain, Kingdom of Rizia, in March 2024

I’m a nerd for political history, and I felt like I got plenty of that when reviewing Suzerain. There’s a lot to like about this narrative-based choose-your-own-adventure game, and it’s about to get bigger. We’ve already heard that new DLC is coming, and now we have a date. On March 25th, you can step into Rizia, a new kingdom with a new king, and rediscover why Suzerain is so much fun. The details are below, go wishlist it now!

Berlin, December 4th, – developer Torpor Games and indie label Fellow Traveller unveiled the highly anticipated release date for the significant premium DLC of the critically acclaimed political RPG, Suzerain. Save the date, the Kingdom of Rizia is set to launch on March 25th, 2024The DLC is the first release in a long-term plan by the Berlin-based indie studio to expand the universe of Suzerain, which now boasts a massive player base of 650,000 individuals worldwide.

Suzerain is a political RPG originally released on PC in 2020, with a Nintendo Switch version added in 2021 and iOS/Android releases in 2022. The game puts the player in the shoes of Anton Rayne, the newly elected President of the fictional country of Sordland in an alternate version of the 1950s. It has received praise for its deep and nuanced exploration of politics through a human lens that focuses on people and power.

In the Kingdom of Rizia Premium DLC, players will explore the geopolitical and internal challenges of King Romus Toras in Rizia, four years before the main game’s events. Players will navigate a complex web of political and personal relationships with the royal houses, councilors, country leaders, and others. The DLC offers a fresh narrative perspective of a monarch and expands the Suzerain universe’s lore and world map.

The Rizia Kingdom DLC is priced at $9.99 and will initially launch exclusively on PC. Torpor Games aims to expand its availability to Switch and iOS/Android platforms in the future. Additionally, a bundled package containing both the Rizia DLC and the Rizia Original Soundtrack will be offered for purchase.

Read below for more details on what to expect.

Embark on a royal journey in Suzerain’s first DLC. Embrace the crown as King Romus Toras, and lead the Golden Kingdom to a new era. Reclaim lost territories through diplomacy or force. Engage with royal houses and oversee the resources of Rizia. How will you reign?
  • New Kingdom, New King: Assume the role of King Romus, the newly crowned leader of the Kingdom of Rizia. Explore South Merkopa, an expansion of the Suzerain Universe
  • Geopolitical Challenges & New Resources: Start dialogues with new national leaders. Will you forge new alliances or make new enemies? Oversee the management of new invaluable resources such as energy and authority.
  • A Game of Houses: Engage in discussions on religion, family, and romance. Dive into the intricate dynamics of a royal family and houses where relationships intertwine, merging the realms of love, duty, and politics.
  • Build Your Nation: Sign dozens of Royal Decrees on topics such as order, economy, and welfare to develop and improve Rizia. Will you be the guardian of peace or the catalyst for conflict?
  • Engaging Storyline: Explore a fresh narrative across approximately 400k words, five endings, and more than 10 sub-ending variations. Follow a nation’s quest to reclaim lost territories while countering rival superpowers in an epic struggle for hegemony.
  • War Mechanic & Military Build-up: Experience the strategic and tactical military challenges in a turn-based experience. Build up the Rizian Armed Forces and train units to intimidate neighbors.
  • Rich Character Interactions: Encounter a diverse cast of 20 characters each with unique backgrounds and motivation

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