Check out the many locations you will visit in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf thanks to a new video released by BioWare

Check out the many locations you will visit in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf thanks to a new video released by BioWare. This in-game video provides players with glimpses of Antiva, the Anderfels, and Rivain. After watching the video, be sure to check out a new BioWare blog post for more information. You can check out the video above and read below for more detail:

Today, BioWare is celebrating Dragon Age and the beloved franchise’s incredible community with a glimpse at some of the locations players will venture in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. The new in-game video showcases the desolate yet beautiful badlands of the Anderfels, the twisting canals and gleaming towers of Antiva, and the turquoise seas of Rivain which are just some of the locales waiting for players.

You can check out the new Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Thedas Calls video here, as well as brand new artwork crafted by community artists in collaboration with BioWare here.

Players can look forward to the full reveal of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in Summer 2024.

In addition, all month long, BioWare is giving back to local charities and supporting the Edmonton Food Bank, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, the Banques Alimentaires Quebec, and the Central Texas Food Bank, all of which provide food to thousands of people each month. Fans can also pick up all of the Dragon Age and Mass Effect Dark Horse Comics in a convenient digital package through a partnership with Humble Bundle that will benefit Child’s Play.

You can find the full Dragon Age Day blog post from BioWare here.

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