The Game So Nice, They Sold It Twice – EA Announces Battlefield 3 Premium

EA started off their E3 press conference with something along the lines of “It used to be that the game you bought was the game you got…”— as if that was a bad thing. These days, publishers will release half of a game just so they can sell you the other half a month or two down the line. Keeping with the new tradition of publisher greed— ahem, “innovation”, EA has announced Battlefield 3 Premium. Gamers will be able to gain access to new maps, missions, unlocks, and more for a small fee of just $49.99.

Battlefield 3 Premium is available now, and PS3 users who purchase the upgrade will get immediate access to the Battlefield 3 Close Quarters expansion. The expansion will be available to PC and 360 gamers next week.

Battlefield 3 Premium Announcement E3

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