The egg hunt returns! Pokemon Go Eggstravaganza begins tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, Pokemon Go trainers will have the ability to participate in a special “Eggstravaganza” event for Pokemon Go, similar to last year’s event around Easter.

From tomorrow, March 22nd at 1PM PDT, until April 2nd at 1PM PDT, each egg hatched will contain more candy than usual. In addition, Pokemon only found in 5km eggs or 10 km eggs such as Wynaut and Ralts can be found in 2km eggs for a short period of time. Pichu and Togepei will has have increased odds of being hatched from these eggs. Finally, double stardust is available to help level up your new Pokemon.

Over the past few months, Pokemon Go has been rolling out Pokemon from the Hoenn region, the region found in Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. For more information on this event, visit the official website.

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