The dream is becoming a reality — Newest BTS video sheds light on the journey Remedy took to get to Alan Wake 2

I know we’ve all been on a journey to get to Alan Wake 2, but in our desire for new entries in a series we forget what it’s like for the developer. This was Remedy’s dream, and it’s taken quite a while to get to this point. In the most recent behind the scenes footage, we get to see the giddiness of the team, excited about Alan Wake as a whole, and it’s wonderful to watch. Check it all out below!

Alan Wake 2 – Behind The Scenes | Remedy's Dream Game

Go behind the scenes of the development of Alan Wake 2. We visit the Pacific Northwest and the Dark Place and talk to many talented developers across different disciplines that helped shape this ambitious sequel. Episode 2 discusses Remedy’s history with Alan Wake, and the road that led the studio to create the Alan Wake 2 we have always wanted to make.

Alan Wake 2 launches October 17th. Pre-purchase and find out more at

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